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NEW DELHI: The Covid-19 pandemic appears to be proving difficult, especially for women in India, as the latest report from the National Commission for Women (NCW), confirming early indications, shows it has recorded more 25% of complaints from injured women as compared to the previous year.

In 2020-2021, the commission received 26,513 complaints from women, which is a large increase from the 20,309 complaints registered in 2019-2020, which means a 25.09% increase in complaints, according to a recent report. compiled by NCW. The maximum number of complaints received by the NCW was recorded as a violation of the right to live with dignity and in 2020-2021, 8,688 women approached the Commission saying that this right had been violated.

There was also a sharp increase in domestic violence cases and 6,049 women, almost double the previous year, filed their complaints with the commission in 2020-2021. Other categories that saw a worrying increase against women included cybercrime and dowry harassment.

Women activists said Covid-induced closures, which have seen men stay home for longer hours, and the financial volatility families have suffered due to the worsening economic situation may have a role major to play in the increase of violence against women.

NCW President Rekha Sharma said that while there had been a worrying increase in crimes against women, she also pointed out that the panel allowed women to reach out and complain.

“At one point during the lockdown, our team was working in three shifts to register and process complaints from aggrieved women,” she said. The new Indian express. Sharma also ensured that through a real-time dashboard, the women’s rights organization kept track of each of the complaints and took appropriate follow-up action in all cases.

A parliamentary panel, led by Congressman Anand Sharma, in its report tabled in March, recommended that cash transfers and a moratorium on loan repayments be maintained to empower women.

“The commission notes that there was a sudden surge in domestic violence and trafficking in women and children during the unprecedented outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic,” the report said adding that this was mainly due disruption of economic activities, home work and family expenses. more time at home during confinements.


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